Why We’re The Best Life Coach Training

We Are 100% Committed to Your Success!

  • Small Class Sizes & Expert Instruction
  • Individual Time with your Instructor during & after the Training
  • Personal Support with Your Marketing Strategy
  • Free Classes and an Online Networking Community for our Alumni
  • Lifelong Support with Challenging Clients and Your Marketing

We Provide the Most Comprehensive Training in the Shortest Period of Time.

  • Step-by-step Coaching Process used Successfully with over a Million People Worldwide
  • A Business-in-a-Box – Customizable Forms, Worksheets & Methodology to Use in Your Practice
  • Thorough, Deep, and Meaningful Content
  • 5-Day Intensive Trainings (in-person & online), Weekly Classes (on a 2-hour interactive online video conference, once a week)


What We Offer in Our Life Coaching Certification

Foundation Programs:

  • Life Coach Certification
    Coach Clients in All Areas of Life
  • Spiritual Coach Certification
    Coach Clients from a Spiritual Perspective

Advanced Programs:

  • Advanced Practicum
    Practice Coaching and Receive Extensive Feedback
  • Advanced Life Coach Certification
    Become Masterful with Your Coaching, Prepare for ICF Exam
  • Professional Mentor Coaching
    Receive Mentoring from an ICF Professional Mentor Coach

International Coach Federation-ACTP:

While Life Purpose Institute does not require you to take any particular classes, ICF mandates that you take all four of the classes listed below to be eligible for an ICF credential using the ACTP Track.

  • A Foundation Class – You Have Your Choice of Taking the Life Coach or the Spiritual Coach Training Program
  • Advanced Practicum Telecourse – Take Your Coaching Skills to the Next Level
  • Advanced Life Coach Certification – Gain Mastery with Your Coaching Skills
  • Mentoring – Receive Mentoring from an ICF Professional Certified Coach

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