Life Coach Certification:
Are You Looking for the Most Comprehensive and Personal Life Coaching Certification Programs?


Best Online Life Coach Certification Programs

Start helping people with your own Coaching business immediately after completing your Life Coach Certification. Our comprehensive training program provides you with a complete roadmap for becoming a highly effective and successful life coach.  

60 hour Programs: You can become a Certified Life Coach (C.L.C) or Certified Spiritual Coach (C.S.C). The Life Coach Certification or Spiritual Coach Certification Program will give you all the tools, skills and support you need to start and succeed in your coaching practice. 

Life Purpose Institute's Coach Training Programs are ICF Accredited. The training hours you receive qualify you for an ICF Credential.

ICF Accredited Life Coach Training ProgramsICF Accredited Life Coach Training Programs
Become A Certified Life Coach

Become a Certified Life Coach

Help people make positive changes in all areas of their lives and create a life they love.
Become A Certified Spiritual Coach

Become a Certified Spiritual Coach

Coach people from a spiritual perspective. Help people integrate their spirituality into their everyday lives.

Are you looking for an affordable, all-inclusive Life Coach Certification?

If you are an active professional looking to expand your career, Life Coach training is for you:

  • Step-by-Step Coaching Method used successfully since 1984 with over 2 million people worldwide
  • A Business-in-a-Box – customizable forms, worksheets & methodology to use in your practice
  • Marketing Support during and after your training 
  • Get certified in as little as 3 months
  • Thorough, Deep, and Meaningful Content to train you how to become a life coach
Comprehensive Life Coach Training

Would you like personal attention and support every step of the way?

Life Coach Certification Program Formats

Speak with a representative who will genuinely care about you and answer all your questions.

You will not hear a sales pitch, but rather speak with someone who will discuss your needs and interests in getting certified as a life coach. We will provide the information you need to make an informed decision.


Our Small Class Size - Attend small classes and receive extensive feedback throughout your certification program.

One-on-One Time with your Instructor - Work one on one with your instructor to review client sessions and review your marketing strategy.

Ongoing Support - Reach out regarding challenging clients or marketing concerns via phone, e-mail or private Facebook group

Do you want flexible and convenient formats from which to choose?

Our Certification Programs have the same content and comprise 60 hours of training. However, there are different formats you can choose from to find what best meets your schedule and teaches you at a pace that is comfortable for you:
  • Online 5-Day Intensive Life Coach Classes, with 4 follow-up online classes
  • In-Person 5-Day Intensive Life Coach Training, with 4 follow-up online classes ( to resume soon in San Diego)
  • Online 3-Month Certification Program, with 2-hour sessions twice per week
  • Online 6-Month Certification Program, with 2-hour sessions once per week
Life Coach Certification Program Formats

Life Purpose Institute is an ICF-accredited coach training school

Life Coach Certification

Life Coach Certification 60 Hour Programs

The Life Coach Certification or Spiritual Coach Certification 60 Hour Programs give you everything you need to start and succeed in your coaching practice. 

Life Coach Certification

ICF Path- Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

Obtain an ICF credential. There are two main paths you can take. Click on the link below to learn more.

Life Coach Certification

Continuing Education for Certified Life Coaches

Certified Life Coaches may take additional Continuing Education courses for professional growth, additional certifications, or to receive more training hours through the ICF.

ICF Accredited Life Coaching Programs
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