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6 Ways to Soak Up the Sun This Weekend

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Labor Day Weekend is upon us, and that means that summer is coming to an end. Whether you welcome the crisper days and pumpkin everything or you are a total beach bum, you can’t deny the amazing benefits of bright, sunny summer days for our physical and mental health. As the unofficial end of the summer, there’s no reason not …

digital detox

4 Steps to a Digital Detox

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Between text messages, emails, music, podcasts and social media notifications, it is no wonder that we are all glued to our phones. We have all been at dinner with a person who just cannot put their phone down. We all have a friend who works around the clock because she can’t seem to ignore the email notifications popping up on …

manage stress

Is Work Stressing You Out?

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Do you leave work feeling completely drained? Do you lose sleep thinking about all of your to-dos for the next day? Are you regularly ready to pull your hair out? If this sounds like you or someone you are close to, then you know firsthand that work-related stress spills over into your personal life and impacts your emotional well-being and …