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What Successful Life Purpose Institute Alumni Are Doing Now

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With the unique passions and callings of the students that come through the doors of Life Purpose Institute, it’s no surprise that our students are excelling and putting their skills to use in a variety of different capacities.  Our goal is to empower students with the tools, techniques and confidence to express their passion and purpose in coaching. Here are …

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3 Hidden Benefits to Owning Your Own Coaching Practice

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There are some obvious benefits people are seeking from transitioning into owning their own coaching practice – the honor of serving others, the flexibility of creating your own schedule, no one putting a limit on your earning potential, etc. But there are many other benefits to becoming a Certified Life Coach and owning your own coaching business. Below are 3 …

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What is a Life Coach?

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While the idea of coaching is something we all recognize, putting the word ‘life’ in front of ‘coach’ might be a term many are less familiar with. But with more and more people seeking guidance and support throughout their lives, life coaching has exploded in popularity over the last decade. If you’re reading this, you might be considering training to …


Stop Stalling, Start Serving

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Are you new to coaching? Or trying to find direction with building your coaching business?  The biggest hindrance to coaches growing their practice in the way they envision is by focusing on “safe” actions that don’t move the needle forward. Let’s talk about some of the common ones and some needle-moving actions you can focus on instead. Social Media Social …