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40 Affirmations for Daily Life

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Our thoughts can be more than just a passing commentary on the things that happen in our daily lives. Thoughts have a lot of power and can profoundly impact our mindset. Positive thoughts can improve your mindset, making you happier, healthier and more successful. Negative thoughts can hold you back, keep you stuck and prevent you from achieving your goals.

Speaking positively to yourself and being conscious of your thoughts can have a significant effect on your life. The use of positive affirmations has been proven to improve confidence. When used regularly, affirmations can be a powerful way to keep positive no matter what obstacles you may be facing.

What are Affirmations?

Simply put, affirmations are positive declarations that help you challenge negative thoughts, blocks and stories that hold you back. Affirmations become effective when repeated often. When they are genuinely believed and said with conviction, affirmations allow you to begin to make the positive changes that you want in your life. Just like working out at the gym, repeating affirmations strengthens the “positivity muscle” in your brain and can literally change the way you feel.

Although the power of positive affirmations can help reduce stress and allow you to perform better at work and in your personal relationships, there are plenty of other internal benefits that you may experience. Some of the benefits of affirmations include:

  • Higher confidence and self-esteem
  • Increased ability to control negative emotions
  • Perseverance in the face of obstacles
  • Improved levels of productivity
  • Higher levels of motivation

Are you ready to use affirmations to make positive changes in your life? We have compiled a list of 40 affirmations that you can use in different categories of your life. Feel free to use any of these affirmations, or adjust them to whatever feels right for you. The options are endless, so get creative and find the affirmations that make you feel empowered.    

Affirmations You Can Use to Maintain a Positive Mindset

Affirmations for Health and Wellness

  1. I am worth the time and money it takes to prepare healthy foods.
  2. I am grateful for the foods that nourish my body.
  3. I love planning and eating healthy meals.
  4. I appreciate the foods that make me feel strong.
  5. Eating nutritious meals with my family brings me joy.
  6. Good food heals my body.
  7. I love and respect my body by treating it well.
  8. I make choices that respect my body.
  9. I take care of myself and my body.
  10. Healthy food brings me happiness and joy.

Affirmations for When You Feel Overwhelmed

  1. I am confident in myself and my abilities.
  2. My talents make me valuable and unique.
  3. I permit myself to feel my emotions.
  4. I respect myself by taking care of myself whenever I need it.
  5. I trust myself always.
  6. I love every obstacle I face because they offer new learning lessons.
  7. Rest and downtime are necessary and okay.
  8. I love and respect myself by giving myself the rest I need.
  9. I can use my breath to soothe myself.  
  10. I am doing the best I can.

Affirmations for Creativity

  1. My mind has an infinite ability to create new ideas.
  2. I am a creative thinker who has ideas that no one else can have.
  3. New ideas come to me effortlessly.
  4. I am open to learning from others.
  5. I nurture my mind by taking care of myself.
  6. I am inspired by my life and the people around me.
  7. I have amazing ideas every single day.
  8. Great ideas flow through me with ease.
  9. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my ideas with the world.  
  10. I create love, joy and peace in my life and for those around me.

Affirmations for Success

  1. I radiate with beauty and confidence.
  2. All that I need can be found within me.
  3. I trust that I am on the path that I am destined to travel.
  4. I am grateful for all that I have.
  5. Good things come to me.
  6. I have the power to create good things in my life.
  7. I am worthy of all the things I want.
  8. I believe in myself and my ability to reach my goals.
  9. I am surrounded by positive people who help me achieve my goals.
  10. I attract amazing opportunities and abundance every day.

How will you use positive affirmations in your daily life?

The power of positive thinking can have a ripple effect in your life. Choose a few affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them to yourself every day. With time, you will see how they can convert your mindset into one of positivity and abundance. We can’t wait to see the amazing results! 

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