5 reasons to become a life coach in these crazy times

5 Reasons to Become a Life Coach During These Crazy Times

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It is a strange time with everyone staying home due to the Coronavirus. People’s lifestyles, family life, and work have all been altered and many people are feeling upset and disoriented by all these changes. If you’ve reflected on what it takes to become a life coach and getting your certification, now, more than ever is the right time. Life Coaching can be extremely valuable during this time for so many people who are confused and scared.

Here are 5 reasons people will hire a Life Coach now:

1. People Need Support

Many people need to vent their feelings and have a safe place to address their deepest fears and concerns.   Given that many people are reeling from all the changes in their life, they will need help adjusting and implementing minor or major changes to how they live. Most feel bored just staying at home but with a Life Coach, they can use this time as an opportunity to reflect and explore new things, and move in brand new directions.

2. Contributing to the World

These difficult times bring out the best in people, their compassion, understanding, and desire to contribute.  Life Coaching is a wonderful way to make a difference and positively impact someone’s life.  The client learns how to cope more effectively with their current situation as well as create a better life.

3. Clients will Want to Determine What’s Important and What They Want Out of Life

A person whose employment has ended will have the time to think about what they really want to do. What is a greater purpose? What will best make use of their gifts and talents? A person who stays at home with their family will re-evaluate their priorities and will need to re-design their life to accommodate kids home from school and work from home.

Given the slower pace, people will look beyond the material possessions and the busyness of life to what is most essential, most important and what fulfills them.

4. Feeling Lost and Not Knowing What To Do With Free Time

As people get stir crazy they will need to get inventive and come up with a unique exercise plan, ways to spend time connecting with others, working from home, finishing up projects at home or finding ways to bring some enjoyment into their life. Life doesn’t have to be miserable if you think outside of the box. A Life Coach is able to help people get beyond life circumstances, be more creative and resourceful, and arrive at brand new possibilities to enjoy their life.

Professionals who’ve looked into life coach certification might want to become a Life Coach NOW because they realize people need support more than ever. They may wish to contribute to others in a positive way, help others to determine what is most important and what they want of out of life, or help those who feel lost use their free time effectively and guide them to creating a satisfying life.  Presently, Life Coaching clients have the time to achieve some of their personal goals, and regardless of the current circumstances, still move forward in their life.

5. There is An Abundance of Time To Receive Coaching

As things have slowed down and people are not commuting right now, they have more time to work on their goals and improve their life. These areas might include their health, relationships, and family life, career goals, or personal environment. This time can be used as a reset button so Life Coaching clients will be able to start fresh and create a brand-new life both during this time of crisis as well as afterward.