Walking Your Talk As A Life Coach

When people consider becoming a life coach they often feel that they need to be the “perfect” person and be on track with their life in order to be a good coach. The good news is that there is no
perfect person.  We are always in process, not in perfection.  After people become certified as a life coach we hope people stay in process and continue to be an even better human being and create an even better life for themselves.

We are in process on a daily basis as each day presents opportunities to live by our principles and make new choices.

What is walking your talk as a life coach?  What does it mean to really model the values and behaviors of a Certified Coach?    Here are 7 things for you to consider:

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Why Should You Get a Life Coach Certification?

Yes anyone can hang a shingle and become a life coach. Some of you have a lot of great life and work experiences and have always helped others so what’s the fuss about certification? Here are 5 things that motivate people to become a certified life coach.

The confidence and skills you’ll obtain during Life Coach Training

Yes, you may have some natural skills that you bring to your work. However, when you coach people and deal with a vast variety of issues they bring to the table you need a high level of skill. You’ll also be able to come across better, convey your expertise, and exude more confidence. Clients sense when they’re with a true professional and with a novice. Being a true professional results in more clients and longer relationships.

Preparation for your future in the coaching profession

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5 Steps to Not Get Caught in the Busyness of Life

Do you find yourself too busy all the time? Running as fast as you can to keep up with all of your responsibilities and commitments? Do you feel frustrated, stressed, or tired?

Many people feel they’re on a treadmill and can’t seem to get off. This seems all too common these days with people trying to juggle it all and keep up with the many tasks, projects, and people in their life. The secret is to get off the treadmill! Remember that you are more than that treadmill. You have a soul, a spirit, a unique essence. A saying that I like to remember is, “I’m not just a human being having a spiritual experience. I’m a spiritual being having a human experience.”

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