Mindy Stallings Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight – Mindy Stallings

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I started my training to become a life coach with Life Purpose Institute in 2017, I’d been working within a corporate company in their marketing and advertising division and I was ready to leave. I had spent years working with creative teams (writers, developers, designers) and I had this epiphany that one of my best skills was a knack for …

Connie Holmes Life Coach

Alumni Spotlight – Connie Holmes

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Hello, and thank you for reading this message today. My hope with being featured in this communication is to provide insight, ideas, and motivation to be confident in your business. I completed my LPI certification in May 2018 with Sharon Good. I really enjoyed my time with LPI and am still in contact with several of my former classmates. I …

Alumni Spotlight – Michele Ogston

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And then I had a shift… This is the moment when life feels like it pauses for a second.  It seems to move in slow motion so you can absorb everything.  It was in this moment that I knew something had to change in my life and thus began my road to becoming a certified life coach. I’m Michele Ogston and I am a certified intuitive life …

Angie Azure Life Coach

Alumni Spotlight – Angie Azur

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I’m Angie Azur and received my Spiritual Life Coaching certificate from Life Purpose Institute this past January, 2020. At the same time, my husband, Bryan Azur, received his Primal Health Coaching certificate, and together we created our new business, Whole Human Healthy.  Between the two of us, we take our clients through a Whole healing journey – starting with the …

Diahana Barnes Life Coach

Alumni Spotlight -Diahana Barnes

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READY TO CATAPULT YOUR BUSINESS AND TRANSFORM LIVES? My daughter and I just got back from visiting my son at college for his big regional swim meet.  I am so grateful I have the life and business that allows me the ability to travel when and where I want whenever I want.  One big reason it’s been so easy for …