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How to Choose the Right Spiritual Life Coach Training Program

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You’re thinking about becoming a spiritual life coach. While it’s already a big decision, an even bigger decision is where you will get your life coaching certification. It can be an overwhelming choice to make since there are a number of options available, and chances are good that you haven’t done this before!  How do you know which program will …

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Alumni Spotlight – Connie Holmes

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Hello, and thank you for reading this message today. My hope with being featured in this communication is to provide insight, ideas, and motivation to be confident in your business. I completed my LPI certification in May 2018 with Sharon Good. I really enjoyed my time with LPI and am still in contact with several of my former classmates. I …

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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual Life Coaching

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As an Accredited Coach Training Program, Life Purpose Institute has trained thousands of people to be effective, successful and masterful coaches. Although most people have heard of life coaching, spiritual life coaching is a less common type of coaching that focuses on helping people explore their lives through a spiritual lens.  If you have a strong desire to help others …

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How to Make Any Decision

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You may have heard the saying that life is a series of choices. Some of these choices are easy to make, like what you’ll have for dinner or what to binge watch on Netflix. Others are much more difficult, like making a career or relationship change or deciding on the proper treatment for a health concern.  These harder decisions may …

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6 Ways to Enjoy the Fall Season

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Do you agree that this year has flown by? It seems that just weeks ago we were ringing in the new year. All of a sudden, we have entered October, election day is around the corner and 2021 is on the horizon.  While the year may have zoomed by with unusual speed, I think most of us can also agree …

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Alumni Spotlight – Michele Ogston

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And then I had a shift… This is the moment when life feels like it pauses for a second.  It seems to move in slow motion so you can absorb everything.  It was in this moment that I knew something had to change in my life and thus began my road to becoming a certified life coach. I’m Michele Ogston and I am a certified intuitive life …

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What is Imposter Syndrome?

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Many life coaches, especially those who are first starting out, can suffer from a phenomenon known as imposter syndrome. In fact, people working in all industries and at all stages of their careers can experience feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence and not belonging. And it’s not just related to work. People can suffer from imposter syndrome in other aspects …