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3 Ideas for Moving Your Coaching Business Online

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The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we live and work, at least for the time being. With so much still unknown, many people are experiencing some level of fear and anxiety, wondering how this virus will impact their lives and work. Small business owners around the world have been particularly impacted. They’ve had to figure out ways to …

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Alumni Spotlight -Diahana Barnes

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READY TO CATAPULT YOUR BUSINESS AND TRANSFORM LIVES? My daughter and I just got back from visiting my son at college for his big regional swim meet.  I am so grateful I have the life and business that allows me the ability to travel when and where I want whenever I want.  One big reason it’s been so easy for …

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You’re Home, Now What?

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The coronavirus has precipitated people being at home more than ever. Schools are closed, employees are being sent home to work.  Many businesses are closing their doors temporarily or permanently. The changes are literally impacting every area of people’s lives. Taking Care of Yourself During Trying Times While you’re at home, here are strategies for maximizing your time and taking …


4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

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We don’t know about you, but spring always feels like the right time to refresh and recharge. After the long hibernation of the winter, this time of year is prime for throwing open the windows, cleaning up the house and getting outside again. The warmer weather and new growth all around us makes us want to get a fresh start.  …

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5 Simple Self Care Strategies

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Self care is quite the buzzword these days. It seems like you can’t open a magazine or scroll through your Instagram feed without hearing about the importance of taking care of yourself. With the flood of resources out there, it can definitely feel overwhelming. Not only are there millions of options for self care, but it can begin to seem …