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4 Habits to Boost Your Energy

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As we creep into the midpoint of 2021, it’s been almost a year and a half since the pandemic started and life as we knew it changed. For many people, this was a difficult year of job loss, financial struggle, relationship strain and illness. With increased vaccination efforts and cities throughout the country loosening restrictions, many people are feeling tired, …

good sleep

Do You Need Better Sleep?

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Sometimes you don’t know a good thing until it’s gone. While this phrase could apply to many things in life, in this case we’re talking about precious sleep. If you’ve had years of sleeping soundly to suddenly be confronted with sleep issues, you probably think fondly on those days and wish you could have them back. There are so many …


4 Ways to Motivate People

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If you are a part of any leadership team at work, a family, a sports club or have ever been a member of any kind of group, you understand the importance of motivation. When other people lack it, it can be extremely frustrating and bring down the rest of the group. But when group members possess motivation, it’s amazing what …


How to Apologize Effectively

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How can two simple words be so difficult to say?  For many people, saying I’m sorry is a challenge. It can be hard for people to admit when they’ve made a mistake. Instead, they find it easier to maintain a stubborn attitude or shift the blame to another person.  Even in positive, strong relationships, there will be arguments from time …

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What are the benefits I receive personally from taking a Coach Training

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A question we often get from those who are considering our life or spiritual coach training programs is: Do I have to start my own business as a coach?  While many of our graduates go on to build successful coaching practices, many others find the tools and techniques that they’ve learned are valuable inside their current professional circumstances. Lawyers, business …