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How much can a life coach make?

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Maybe you have thought about a career as a life coach for years, but were afraid to leave your secure, corporate job. While the cubicle life wasn’t for you, the financial security made you feel safe.  If you’ve been getting the itch to become a life coach and have finally decided to scratch it, you’re probably wondering how much you …

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How to Handle Change

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No matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid change. Life is full of change. Things are constantly shifting, growing and withdrawing. As humans, we are adept at handling change. After all, we have been experiencing it every day since the time we were born.  Usually, we don’t even notice the changes around us. Small things like the change in …


How to Connect With Anyone

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Good communication skills are the key to any successful relationship. From your spouse or children to your boss or your coaching clients, communication skills will help you build connection and ultimately better understand each other. And with better understanding, both parties can feel positive about the relationship.  Being a good communicator might come naturally to some people, but not to …

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Trending Life Coaching Niches for 2021

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Are you thinking about becoming a life coach? Are you a practicing life coach who’s looking to specialize in a particular niche? Are you wondering what trends we will see in the coaching industry this year?  At Life Purpose Institute, we are constantly studying the trends to identify where the industry is moving and how we can best support new …

Mindy Stallings Alumni Spotlight

Alumni Spotlight – Mindy Stallings

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I started my training to become a life coach with Life Purpose Institute in 2017, I’d been working within a corporate company in their marketing and advertising division and I was ready to leave. I had spent years working with creative teams (writers, developers, designers) and I had this epiphany that one of my best skills was a knack for …