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5 Tips for Fighting Loneliness

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It’s so normal to talk about happiness: the things that make us happy, how we can increase our happiness and how happy we are feeling at the moment. It’s a little more taboo to talk about loneliness. Although it’s a common human emotion that we all feel to various degrees from time to time, it’s harder to talk about it …

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4 Reasons You are Always Late (and How to Fix It)

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Are you one of those people who is always late? While you may just accept it as part of your personality, chances are that your tardiness has resulted in some less-than-ideal consequences. From minor things like missing dinner reservations to the more serious like making a bad impression at a job interview or missing a flight, being chronically late can …

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How to Start an Online Life Coaching Career

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Life coaching is a growing career field that offers lots of creative and flexible opportunities to help others live their best lives. Coaches can have successful careers that are lucrative, inspiring and truly make a difference. In fact, many people are drawn to the field because of the freedom that it offers. With the prevalence of virtual meetings today, there …

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5 Tips for New Life Coaching Entrepreneurs

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When you are just starting out in anything, it helps to seek out advice from those who have been there before you. Whether it’s having a baby, moving to a new city or starting a business, the experience of others who have already walked that path can be enlightening, encouraging and confidence-building.  For people just beginning their life coaching careers, …