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Productive Day as a Life Coach

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4 Tips for a Productive Day as a Life Coach Connect with Your Purpose As you complete the day to day tasks of running a coaching business, you may find yourself just going through the motions. Perhaps having a harder time being creative or coming up with different ways of serving and reaching others. On the days you’re feeling stuck, …

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Social Media Content Ideas for Life Coaches

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6 Simple Social Media Content Ideas for Life Coaches If you’re a coach who uses social media to grow your practice, you may find yourself creating the same types of posts over and over again because it’s what you’re most familiar with. It’s important to have a wide variety of content so you can see what resonates most with your …

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Social Media Platforms Right for You

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4 Questions to Help You Determine Which Social Media Platforms Are Right for Your Business Many new business owners spend hours trying to understand each social media platform and how to reach potential clients on each through differing platform specific content. There are so many social media channels out there (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) that it’s impossible to …

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3 Hidden Benefits of Owning Your Own Coaching Practice 

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There are some obvious benefits people are seeking from transitioning into owning their own coaching practice – the honor of serving others, the flexibility of creating your own schedule, no one putting a limit on your earning potential, etc. But there are many other benefits to becoming a Certified Life Coach and owning your own coaching business. Below are 3 …

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3 Distinctions between Life Coaching, Consulting, and Counseling

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Differences between Life Coaching, Consulting, and Counseling? 1.The Roles are Different The Role of a Life Coach Coaching is about moving the client from where they are to where they want to be. A client comes to a coach to change, enhance or improve some area of their life, e.g., to lose weight, change jobs, improve a relationship, have better …

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How to Start an Online Life Coaching Career

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Life coaching is a growing career field that offers lots of creative and flexible opportunities to help others live their best lives. Coaches can have successful careers that are lucrative, inspiring and truly make a difference. In fact, many people are drawn to the field because of the freedom that it offers. With the prevalence of virtual meetings today, there …