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Productive Day as a Life Coach

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4 Tips for a Productive Day as a Life Coach Connect with Your Purpose As you complete the day to day tasks of running a coaching business, you may find yourself just going through the motions. Perhaps having a harder time being creative or coming up with different ways of serving and reaching others. On the days you’re feeling stuck, …

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Social Media Content Ideas for Life Coaches

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6 Simple Social Media Content Ideas for Life Coaches If you’re a coach who uses social media to grow your practice, you may find yourself creating the same types of posts over and over again because it’s what you’re most familiar with. It’s important to have a wide variety of content so you can see what resonates most with your …

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How to Choose the Right Spiritual Life Coach Training Program

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You’re thinking about becoming a spiritual life coach. While it’s already a big decision, an even bigger decision is where you will get your life coaching certification. It can be an overwhelming choice to make since there are a number of options available, and chances are good that you haven’t done this before!  How do you know which program will …

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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual Life Coaching

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As an Accredited Coach Training Program, Life Purpose Institute has trained thousands of people to be effective, successful and masterful coaches. Although most people have heard of life coaching, spiritual life coaching is a less common type of coaching that focuses on helping people explore their lives through a spiritual lens.  If you have a strong desire to help others …

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Now is the Time: Become a Spiritual Life Coach

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There are many different kinds of coaches. Specializing in different areas, coaches might focus on career or financial coaching, health and wellness coaching or even mental health coaching. One type of coach that is not as commonly talked about is a spiritual coach. A spiritual coach is someone who helps guide you to reconnect with yourself and do some self-discovery. …