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What Successful Life Purpose Institute Alumni Are Doing Now

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With the unique passions and callings of the students that come through the doors of Life Purpose Institute, it’s no surprise that our students are excelling and putting their skills to use in a variety of different capacities.  Our goal is to empower students with the tools, techniques and confidence to express their passion and purpose in coaching. Here are …


Stop Stalling, Start Serving

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Are you new to coaching? Or trying to find direction with building your coaching business?  The biggest hindrance to coaches growing their practice in the way they envision is by focusing on “safe” actions that don’t move the needle forward. Let’s talk about some of the common ones and some needle-moving actions you can focus on instead. Social Media Social …

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Coaching Ideas to Capitalize the New Year

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Coaching Ideas to Capitalize on the Momentum of 2022 This time of year is particularly exciting for coaches because most people out there are thinking about one of our favorite things – goals! People are feeling motivated to make the coming year different and because nothing changes if nothing changes, they may be looking for the help of a coach …

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3 Reasons You Should Diversify Your Coaching Offerings

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Many new coaches focus on one offering – typically individual coaching. They may have a few different options for potential clients to choose from – 3 month, 6 month or year long contracts. This is how most coaches intend to spend the majority of their time and make their profit, but sometimes potential clients need to take smaller steps to …

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Launching Your Life Coaching Business

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Accelerate The Process of Launching Your Life Coaching Business Last week, Life Purpose Institute announced their next program designed to provide their students with the tools and expertise to excel at what they do. The LEAP Accelerator Business and Marketing Program will help LPI graduates speed up the process of launching their business and attracting the clients they desire. The …

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Should I Get Certified?

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5 Reasons to Receive Your Life Coaching Certification When deciding to take the leap into becoming a life coach, some may question if it’s even worth going through the certification process. You do not have to be certified to be a life coach as it is not currently regulated, but there are some important benefits of going through the process. …

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Productive Day as a Life Coach

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4 Tips for a Productive Day as a Life Coach Connect with Your Purpose As you complete the day to day tasks of running a coaching business, you may find yourself just going through the motions. Perhaps having a harder time being creative or coming up with different ways of serving and reaching others. On the days you’re feeling stuck, …

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Social Media Content Ideas for Life Coaches

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6 Simple Social Media Content Ideas for Life Coaches If you’re a coach who uses social media to grow your practice, you may find yourself creating the same types of posts over and over again because it’s what you’re most familiar with. It’s important to have a wide variety of content so you can see what resonates most with your …