Free Life or Spiritual Coach Informational Sessions

Join Life Purpose Institute For One of Our Free Online Life or Spiritual Coach Training Informational Classes


In the United States, the Personal Coaching industry has topped
$1 billion and continues to grow.

By taking one of our FREE online informational
sessions you’ll find out if being part of this growing industry is for you.

Our FREE class is a live, online interactive hour-and-a-half
evening full of useful information.

You’ll come away knowing what our Coach Training
is like and if a career in Life or Spiritual Coaching is for you.


Our Free Life or Spiritual Coach Training Informational Class Includes:


  • What is a Life Coach or Spiritual Coach and what do they do?
  • How Coaching varies from Consulting and Counseling?
  • A model for providing effective Life or Spiritual Coaching
  • Experiencing some powerful tools from our Coach Training
  • Interacting with other people in a fun and thought-provoking evening
  • A thorough description of our Life or Spiritual Coach Training Program
  • Learning a natural approach for marketing your practice
  • What does our lifelong support mean?
  • Credentials and certifications you will receive through our program