Frequently Asked Questions

Life Purpose Institute Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Life Purpose Institute different than other Coach Training Programs available?

  • The most personal coach training available.
  • Quality training and personal support every step of the way.
  • We are committed to your success. We offer extensive group and individual support with your marketing, lifelong support, and free alumni classes.
  • Highest quality of training in the shortest period of time.  3-month, 6-month or 5-day programs.
  • We offer a business in a box.  You’ll receive everything you’ll need to start and succeed in your new coaching career.
  • We offer a comprehensive step by step coaching process.  You’ll receive a user-friendly manual that will guide you step by step.
  • You’ll learn powerful and effective coaching techniques tested and proven with people worldwide and experience a depth and substance in the materials not found elsewhere.

What type of certifications do you offer? What type of accreditation can I receive by taking Life Purpose Institute’s Program?

Click Here” For Information.

When I leave the training, what will I be able to do?

You will be able to provide coaching to individuals and groups. The materials you receive during your training are like getting a “business in a box.” Everything is included for you to be able to start and succeed in your own coaching practice.

For more information please see the programs overview.

Am I a certified coach after the training?

You will be certified by Life Purpose Institute after completion of your training and after meeting the requirements below:

  • Have read and understood the manual.
  • Have developed your marketing or transition strategy.
  • Have your marketing or transition plan personally approved by your instructor
  • Have conducted practice sessions with clients
  • Have completed buddy coaching sessions with someone from the class
  • Have demonstrated competency with essential coaching skills
  • Have taken and passed an oral exam

These requirements are usually completed by the end of our 3-Month or 6-Month classes. For our 5-Day program many people complete these requirements within 6 weeks of attending the 5-Day. Some people extend that timeline to 2 or 3 months.

If you would like to become an I.C.F. Certified Coach or a Board Certified Coach, “Click Here” for more information.

Can I make a living as a Life and Career Coach?

If you did research on the internet, most coaches are charging $300 to $600 a month for individuals or $800 to $1200 a month for executive and organizational coaching.

Coaching fees vary according to where you live, your niche, and your personal preference.

As our coaching process is more in depth, most of our coaches choose to work with their clients on an hourly basis. You can also provide group coaching and workshops. In our class, or in your private session with your instructor, you will determine your fees, marketing approach, and discuss various speeches, groups, and workshops you can offer as part of your coaching practice.

How long does it take for most people to get their business going?

Some people are able to get their business going immediately. Just three weeks after completing her course, one graduate booked five radio shows and got local magazines and newspapers to write a story on her. Others take a longer time to get started because they work full time, have a family, or other responsibilities which also require their focus. The average person who wants to make their livelihood as a coach takes 3 months to a year to build a successful practice.

What type of support do I get with marketing?

You will receive support in these ways:

  • Individual time with your instructor to support you in your unique marketing strategy.
  • Over 100 pages of marketing ideas and materials in your training manual – samples of ads, brochures, speeches, workshops, and a comprehensive review of all the methods used by our successful coaches.
  • You’ll discuss the how to’s of marketing in your class and determine your niche, name of your business, and marketing approach.
  • You’ll be coached from a buddy in the class to successfully market your business.
  • You’ll complete a thorough marketing strategy and review this with your instructor. This plan includes:
    • Defining your unique life purpose, your unique message, making it marketable and profitable
    • Discussing effective ways you can market yourself
    • Determining an action plan that will generate the income you desire
    • Reviewing website copy, workshops, or any other marketing material you have
    • Your transition plan for transitioning from your current work into having a part time or full-time coaching practice.
  • You’ll receive lifelong support via our on-line Alumni Center, e-mails, and phone calls to address any concerns you have about marketing

What if I’ve never marketed my own business or find it challenging?

The good news about coaching is that you’re not selling widgets. This is a personal service that’s about helping others. It’s about caring, showing compassion, and really connecting with other people. Marketing needs to be natural. During the class and individual time with your instructor we find ways that are natural and easy for you, and that fit within your schedule.

For specific examples of easy and natural marketing techniques you might wish to come to our Free Live Class. As a graduate of Life Purpose Institute, you will get extensive support and virtually step-by-step instruction from many live calls and webinars and recorded and archived content within the Alumni Center.

Is there a spiritual aspect to the process?

We teach how to incorporate spirituality into the coaching where appropriate. We respect each person’s unique philosophical and spiritual path.

I have many interests and abilities. Do I have to have 1 niche or can I have a more general coaching practice?

Many of the people we work with are multifaceted. If you are dependent on marketing through the internet you need to niche as there are thousands of coaches.  If, however, you are marketing locally through speaking or contacts you have you can have a more general practice.  That being said, you still need to come up with a catchy and marketable approach.

What is the difference between Spiritual Coaching and Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about coaching people in all areas of life. Spirituality is one of those areas. In Spiritual Coaching we address life from a spiritual perspective, so spirituality is more of a focus in this course.


Our Coach Training is advanced and accelerated so prospective students must have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience so that we can assure their success in our program.