Life & Spiritual Coach Certification Guarantee

Life Purpose Institute guarantees the student to make back the cost of the training by the one year anniversary of certification.  If the student is unable to make back the cost of the training, after meeting the guidelines below, the difference between the cost of the training and the profit the student has generated will be refunded.

The student must complete the Life Purpose Institute’s marketing strategy and review it with their instructor.  The student must make the changes suggested by their instructor and implement their approved marketing plan as detailed. If the student requires additional guidance and support they need to contact Life Purpose Institute for guidance a minimum of 3 times.

Students can be certified without an approved marketing plan, which voids the guarantee.   Certification without an approved marketing plan can happen in 2 situations: (1) If a student is having a particularly difficult time with their marketing plan, their instructor can refer them to seek professional marketing guidance and approve their certification without approving the marketing plan, (2) If a student decides not to pursue building a private coaching practice, they can request to bypass this step and become certified.