Coach Certification Course

This program focuses on advancing your coaching skills and offers a framework to apply these skills in a business or organization’s situations, challenges and conflicts.

Participant will develop skills to interact with a Business’ Leaders, Development, Sales, Employees, Teams and Administrators in a way that will motivate action, drive out fear, and create lasting bonds, resulting in more efficient communications, better teamwork and stronger alignment around shared goals and objectives.

Learn advanced coaching skills to help businesses & organizations to:

  • Ensure long-term business results by establishing a clearer vision & goals
  • Assess effective approaches to challenges and problems solving.
  • Create ‘ownership’ and accountability by each person of their roles, expectations and performance.
  • Increase dialogue and constructive feedback
  • Align personal motivation with work and personal goals
  • Inspire others to become more creative and empowered
  • Obtain better results while being less controlling and directive and more inquisitive and collaborative

Certification features:

  • Extensive practice & feedback
  • Learn our proprietary Business Coaching Framework
  • Develop the critical skills for coaching in situations such as planned performance meetings and difficult conversations
  • A full set of forms, worksheets and exercises for you to immediately utilizing with new clients
  • Understand how Assessments are used in the executive coaching process.
  • Explore successful marketing techniques to get your business and organizational coaching practice up and running quickly

Condensed Course Outline

Day 1 – Foundations of Business and Org Coaching

  • Overview of Executive & Organizational Coaching Framework
  • Bringing a coaching mindset to an organization
  • Introduction to the critical skills of a coach
  • The LPI Executive Coaching Model
  • Managing the “Fixer” in you
  • Managing Assumptions
  • Active Inquiry – Asking open Ended Questions
  • Championing / Challenging
  • Keeping the Focus
  • Private versus Public Goals
  • Coaching Skills Inventory – Assessing Your Day 1 Abilities.
  • Assessing and Meeting Your Client’s Needs
  • Discussion – Coaching in Corporate vs. Startup and everything in-between
  • Roles and expectations of vested parties, need for “Alignment”, Lifetime value of a Client

Day 2 – The Business & Organizational Coaching Process

  • Understand How Assessments are Used in Executive & Organizational Coaching
  • Breaking BAD Good – Importance of Chemistry
  • The flow of a Coaching Engagement
  • Sources of information on your coachee
  • 360 Feedback tool using surveys and interviews
  • The LPI Coaching Framework
  • Full Set of Forms, Worksheets & Exercises to Utilize With New Clients

Day 3 – Aligning Personal and Organizational Values

  • Blocks
  • Energy Management
  • Primer on Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with FEAR
  • Discussion– Red Flags – when to refer someone to additional resources
  • Coaching conversations
  • Defining Values – building the foundation
  • Creating a Compelling Vision –Finding the Source of Motivation
  • The Nature and Psychology of Change
  • Bridges Model – Crossing the Rickety Bridge – Push versus Pull
  • Commitment, Choice and Acceptance
  • The Brain – Reaction vs Cognition
  • Championing and Challenging
  • Difficult Conversations
  • High level review of David Rock’s SCARF Model
  • Handling excuses
  • Discussion: Understanding and Navigating Organizational Culture

Day 4 – Action and Accountability

  • Understanding and Comparing Assessment Tools – Quantitative, Qualitative
  • Comparing DiSC, MBTI, HBDI, Hogan, EQi2.0
  • Neuroscience & Applications for Coaching
  • Leadership styles
  • Establishing clear vision & goals
  • Ethical Dilemmas
  • Extensive Practice & Feedback
  • Coaching Skills Inventory- Assessing Your Abilities

Day 5 – The Business of Business Coaching

  • Coaching Practice Sessions Using the Critical Skills & Framework
  • Starting & Setting Up Your Practice
  • How to Subcontract With Other Consulting & Coaching Companies
  • How to Build Your Business Development & the Sales Pipeline
  • Establishing Professional Fees & Contracts
  • Explore Successful Marketing Techniques to Get Your Business Up & Running Quickly
  • Resources for Business and Executive Coaches