Spiritual Life Coach Certification


Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Once you’ve completed our Spiritual Coach Certification Program you’ll become a Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC).  

This program approaches Coaching from a spiritual perspective. You will be able to help people explore and integrate their spirituality, resolve their life challenges using spiritual and healing tools , and coach the client to make progress in all area of their lives

What is the difference between the Life Coach and Spiritual Coach Certification Programs?

The Life Coach Training is designed to provide training so you can help people in all areas of life.  One of the areas of life is spirituality but that is not the main focus of the program.  Both the Life and Spiritual programs train you in the foundation of coaching and give you many tools to coach with.  However, there is an in depth clarification process in the Life Coach Training  that helps people clarify a new life or career direction and make a successful transition.  This process is not in the Spiritual Training

The Spiritual Coach Training focuses on spirituality and approaching life from a spiritual perspective.  People not only learn to provide  life coaching  but to use spiritual and healing processes as well. These spiritual and healing tools are not in the Life Coach Training.

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ICF Life Coach Certification

Personal Attention and Support Every Step of the Way.

How is Life Purpose Institute’s Spiritual Coach Certification Program different from other programs I can take? 

Comprehensive, step by step training often referred to as a “business in a box”

    • Small group setting (10-12 students) with extensive practice and feedback
    • Personal attention and support each step of the way
    • Profound and life-changing processes  like the Spiritual Mastery Process tm which taps into your client’s deepest Spiritual Resources
    • Extensive 650 page manual which provides the tools to coach around 50 different life and spiritual issues
    • Business-in-a box  with forms, worksheets, templates and marketing samples.
    • Receive ongoing support with marketing during and after your training
    • ICF Accredited
    • Commitment to each person’s success as a coach

How long does the Spiritual Coach Certification take?

We offer 3 and 6 month programs in both day and evening timeframes, as well as 5 day intensives with four 2-hour follow up classes. Certification requirements include coaching practice clients, peer coaching, taking two exams and meeting with your instructor to review certification documents.

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How will obtaining the Spiritual Coach Certification help me?

    • You can become a Certified Spiritual Coach ( a C.S.C)
    • Clients seek out coaches that are well trained and certified.
    • You obtain a high level of skill and competence in providing coaching
    • You're trained to use over 100 tools to help people make progress in all areas of life.
    •  By learning our coaching method you'll be able to consistently get positive results with clients.
    • You obtain the training hours you need to obtain an ICF Credential.

 Free Marketing support during and after your training. This includes.

    • Individual meetings with your instructor to get feedback on your marketing plan and materials.
    • Being able to call or e-mail with questions or receive advise on your marketing approach at any time
    • Free classes on marketing for your professional development.
    • Being able to participate in a private Alumni Community where people network and get support

By getting your certification through Life Purpose Institute, you’ll become a competent coach with all the tools and support to create a highly successful practice.

ICF Life Coach Certification

Your Success is Our Soul Purpose

 Extensive Coaching Tools

The Coaching Tools you will be certified in have been successfully used with over two million people worldwide since 1984.

You’ll be able to help clients make progress in all areas of their lives :relationships, health, life balance etc,  You’ll also be able to coach clients to explore and deepen their spirituality, integrate spirituality into their everyday life, develop their intuition, determine their unique spiritual practice and resolve difficult life challenges by tapping into their spirituality.

Blocks and obstacles often get in the way of the client’s moving forward and making progress in these areas of life, so you are trained to use transformational tools to help your client resolve or overcome those roadblocks, change lifelong patterns and be able to successfully achieve their goals.

During your training  you will  also be given extensive marketing materials, tools, and support. Life Purpose Institute continues  provides ongoing support after your training to ensure your success as a coach.

For more information on obtaining a Life Coach Certification connect with one of our program specialists - Schedule a Free Life Coach Certification Consultation

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ICF Credentials

You may also wish to obtain an ICF Credential. Life Coaching is not currently state regulated but it is anticipated it will be in the future.   As such many people pursue their ICF Credential.

By completing the Life Purpose Institute's Life or Spiritual Coach Certification Program( 60 hours) or taking the 125 hour programs you can receive the training hours you need to qualify for ICF credentials. Life Purpose Institute is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program. Accredited Programs have the highest quality programs and standards.    For more details see ICF Credentials

For more information on Certifications and Credentials contact one of our Program Specialists by scheduling a Free Consultation or call us at 1-858-484-3400