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Why People Hire Life Coaches

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As a life coach, you probably feel pretty confident as to why you chose this career path. You love the satisfaction of helping others, the flexibility of working where you want and the ability to choose who you want to work with.  But, have you considered why your clients choose to hire a life coach? By considering why people hire …

how to find your life coaching niche

How To Choose Your Coaching Niche

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One of the many benefits of a life coaching career is the flexibility it offers to its coaches. More than just location independence or work-life balance, the field allows new and seasoned coaches alike to have the flexibility to choose a niche that allows them to create a practice that is aligned with their personal interests, values, and skills.

Life Coach Salary

The Salary of a Life Coach

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People often ask me if they can make a living as a Life Coach.  The answer is:  Yes, the salary of a life coach can be rewarding and lucrative.  When they pursue this career by obtaining life coach training, many earn a living as a part-time or full-time Life Coach. Why part-time, you may ask?  Well, many people choose to …