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Start Your Life Coaching Career in 2019

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Are you ready to take on a new challenge in 2019? Do you want to help people create positive momentum forward in their lives? Are you excited by the idea of being an ally in someone’s journey toward a more compelling and fulfilling life? Consider becoming a life or spiritual coach this year! This field is not only growing steadily, …

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How To Choose Your Coaching Niche

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One of the many benefits of a life coaching career is the flexibility it offers to its coaches. More than just location independence or work-life balance, the field allows new and seasoned coaches alike to have the flexibility to choose a niche that allows them to create a practice that is aligned with their personal interests, values, and skills.

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Walking Your Talk As A Life Coach

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When people consider becoming a life coach they often feel that they need to be the “perfect” person and be on track with their life in order to be a good coach. The good news is that there is no perfect person.  We are always in process, not in perfection.  After people become certified as a life coach we hope …