Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions document MUST be signed at least 14 days prior to the start date of a class in order to finalize registration. Students who do not sign 14 days prior to the start date may forfeit their spot in the class.

1. License to Use Materials

This Training Agreement Terms & Conditions (the Agreement) is entered into between Life  Purpose Institute, Inc. (LPI) and Student. Life Purpose Institute grants Student a license to use  Life Purpose Institute's copyrighted materials in conjunction with the class they are enrolled in  and in their private practice once they become Certified by LPI as a Life or Spiritual Coach.

Training Others

TRAINING OTHERS IS NOT PERMITTED unless there is a Signed Written Licensing Agreement and a Negotiated Licensing Fee Paid. Examples of unauthorized use are listed below:

  • Training others such as staff, co-workers, students, interns, apprentices, or volunteers to become coaches or how to use the Life Purpose Institute Coach Certification Program.
  • A corporation that purchases the Life Purpose Institute Coach Certification Program.
  • A school, university or learning institution and all of its campus locations that charge students for the Life Purpose Institute Coach Certification Program and materials.
  • The creation of books, workbooks, tapes or other materials using the Life Purpose Institute Coach Certification Program and associated materials.

Use of Class Materials Without Completion of Program

If Student chooses not to complete the certification program (withdraws before last day of class) or does not successfully complete the certification program (does not pass exams and/or does not complete required assignments/homework), Student MAY NOT CONTINUE using the Life Purpose Institute Program materials with clients in any way whatsoever.

2. Professional Conduct

A Student must model the behavior expected of a professional Life Coach in all interactions with Instructors, peers and practice clients inside and outside of class; this model behavior includes:

  •  Treating each person with respect
  •  Keeping agreements and appointments
  • Negotiating any conflicts in a professional manner

Life Purpose Institute has a zero-tolerance policy for rude, violent, discriminatory or other inappropriate behavior. Students may not participate in class or practice coaching under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A Student must strive at all times to recognize their personal issues that may impair, conflict or interfere with their coaching performance or their professional coaching relationships inside and outside of a class. If an issue arises, one or more of the following actions may be deemed necessary:

  • A Student must promptly seek the relevant professional assistance to resolve any issues that are impairing their ability to participate in any assigned activities, including peer and practice client coaching and regular attendance in the class.
  • The instructor and the Director of Life Purpose Institute may delay, suspend, or terminate participation in the class if they determine the Student’s issues cannot be resolved. A full or partial refund will be determined on an individual basis by the Director, depending on the individual circumstances and how much of the class the Student has completed.

3. Attendance, Missed Classes and Make-ups

By signing this document, Student agrees to attend all Life Purpose Institute (LPI) classes which they are registered for as scheduled.

  • During a 3 or 6 month Core Certification Program, or an Advanced Coach Certification Program, a Student is allowed to miss up to 2 classes (4 hours) of instruction.
  • During a 5 Day Core Certification Program or 5 Day Advanced Certification Program, a Student is allowed to miss up to 4 hours of instruction with a maximum of 2 hours missed during the 5 consecutive days.
  • During an Advanced Practicum class or 3 Day Certification Program, a Student is allowed to miss 1 class (or 2 hours) of instruction.

Students MUST review the missed class session by listening to a recording and make up any work that was assigned during the missed session.

  • If a Student misses more than the allowed hours, they must receive additional instruction on the particular content missed by paying a fee of $150.00 (per 2 hours missed) for a one-on-one makeup session with an instructor. The additional number of hours allowed for make-up sessions is: Core Programs or Advanced Coaching = 4 hours, Advanced Practicum or 3 Day Certification Program = 2 hours.
  • If a Student misses AND is unable to complete make-up sessions, the Student will be withdrawn from the class.

4. Certifications

Students will only be Certified by LPI if they fulfill all of the training requirements outlined in their training materials; Students enrolled in the 60-hour core program must finish their certification within 6 months of their last class meeting.*

If a Student does not pass their final exam (online or oral) after their second attempt they are required to:

  1. Complete all unfinished certification requirements:
    • Complete and document all Practice Client Coaching Sessions
    • Complete and document all Buddy Coaching Sessions
    • Complete their Certification Requirements worksheet
    • Upload the documentation pages through the Student Dashboard

  2. Pass the online exam (if they have failed the first two attempts):
    • The Student must pass the online multiple-choice exam.

  3. Pay a fee:
    • Once their instructor has approved the submitted documents, the Student must pay a $200 fee to work privately with an instructor to improve their coaching skills (up to 60 minutes).

  4. Pass the coaching oral exam (if they have failed the first two attempts):
    • The Student must submit a final coaching recording to their instructor for approval. 

Should a Student not pass the exam (online multiple choice or oral) a third time, they will be ineligible for certification from Life Purpose Institute. No refunds will be given. If a Student wishes to complete their certification beyond 6 months and up to 12 months (1 year) after the last class meeting, a $225.00 extension fee will be assessed, and they must meet privately with an Instructor to complete the certification process.

If a Student wishes to complete their certification between 12-36 months (1-3 years) after their last class, Student must retake the course at a discounted rate or may volunteer to assist at a LIVE 5-day intensive class and may complete the certification requirements with that class.

If a Student attended the training program more than 3 years ago, Student will have to retake the class at the current full rate of tuition.

*Students enrolled in our ICF Path (ACTP) Program must finish their certification within 12 months (1 year) of the last class meeting of their last advanced course. All other variances of incomplete certification will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of LPI and its Director.

5. Payment of Tuition & Fees

Prior to beginning any course, a Student may make the tuition payment in full or have signed a  payment plan agreement approved by Life Purpose Institute Inc. Payment plans must be  completely satisfied before a Student receives their completion Certificate. 

A (non-refundable) registration fee of $500.00 is required when registering for a single class,  whether 60-hour Core Certification class, an Advanced Practicum Class, or an Advanced Coach  Certification Class.  

A (non-refundable) registration fee of $250.00 is required when registering for 3 Day  Certification Programs and Alumni Classes. 

Students on a payment plan are financially responsible to satisfy all payments as scheduled  whether they complete the class they enrolled in or not. (See #7 below) 

The (non-refundable) registration fee is $1,000.00 when enrolling in the ICF Path (ACTP)  Program.  

Delinquent Accounts

Should a Student’s account become more than 30 days delinquent, Life Purpose Institute,  Inc. reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions:  

  1. Assess a monthly late fee of $50 beginning on the 31st day after the scheduled payment  due date and no payment has been received.

  2. Withdraw the student from the training program with forfeiture of any monies paid to  date.

  3. Withhold the Certificate of Completion until all tuition and past-due fees are paid in full.

  4. Submit the Student’s outstanding balance to a collection agency once it has been over 90  days since the last payment was made.


If a Student is unhappy for any reason, we request that the Student notify the Instructor and the Director, Fern Gorin, as soon as possible in writing (fern@lifepurposeinstitute.com), to provide specific feedback, and clearly identify issues causing dissatisfaction so that together we may create a solution to the situation.

6. Cancellation of Programs

If LPI cancels a class for any reason prior to the first day of class, we will offer Student a seat in any future class of the same program type and format; if no upcoming class is available or the timing is unsatisfactory for the Student’s schedule, Student will be refunded in full.

7. Refund & Cancellation Policy

Written Notice

Student must submit any desire to withdraw or transfer from a class in writing to info@lifepurposeinstitute.com AND their Instructor, if applicable, as soon as possible. Due to our limited class size and the advanced planning required to make sure we have adequate classes to fill the demand for instruction, we strongly request that a Student remain in the class they registered for and not transfer if at all possible.

Refunds*/Transfers/Withdrawals/Cancellations for ALL Programs (Core Certification, Advanced Certification, Advanced Practicum, 3 Day Certification, Alumni Courses)

No refunds and no transfers will be honored LESS THAN 30 days before the start of class.

If Student has a payment plan and withdraws from class less than 30 days before the start of  class, the no refund policy still applies--Student remains legally bound to finish all payments as  agreed.

*If Student requests their credit card company to chargeback or refund the Student directly for  any amount paid to Life Purpose Institute, Inc., Life Purpose Institute, Inc. will dispute the non refundable deposit amount and any other amounts owed based on these Terms & Conditions.

If Student notifies Life Purpose Institute, Inc. of their desire to WITHDRAW from class MORE THAN 30 days before the start of a class, any tuition previously paid will be refunded less the  non-refundable registration fee.

If Student notifies Life Purpose Institute, Inc. of their desire to TRANSFER from one class to  another MORE than 30 days before the start of the original class, an additional $500.00 transfer  fee will be charged for; Core Certification Programs, Advanced Coach Certification Programs, and  Advanced Practicum. An additional $250 transfer fee will be charged for: 3 Day Certification  Programs and Alumni Courses.

Students enrolled in the ICF Path (ACTP) Program

Any Student enrolled in the full ACTP Track (ICF Path) who withdraws after completing a 60-hour  Core Certification Program, the full price of tuition for the Core Certification Program will be due  (any ICF Path discounts will no longer apply) along with an additional $1,000 cancellation fee.  Any refund on previous payments made will be issued less the non-refundable registration fee.

Life Purpose Institute, Inc. reserves the unilateral right to modify or amend the terms and conditions of this agreement as needed.