Life Coach Salary

The Salary of a Life Coach

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People often ask me if they can make a living as a Life Coach.  The answer is:  Yes, the salary of a life coach can be rewarding and lucrative.  When they pursue this career by obtaining life coach training, many earn a living as a part-time or full-time Life Coach.

Why part-time, you may ask?  Well, many people choose to keep their other job or business at the same time while doing their coaching.  The nice thing is that you will determine how many hours you want to work and how much you want to earn.  This flexibility can provide a sense of freedom to someone who is interested in expanding their career options.

Life Coach Salary

Coaches charge anywhere between $75.00 – $1,000.00 an hour, depending on their abilities, experience, target market, location and their own comfort level.  Coaches who obtain their Life Coach certification receive more income than those who are not certified.  The average Life Coach charges about the same rate as a high-end massage in your area.  Larger cities and metropolitan areas may vary from smaller towns.  A nationwide average salary for a Life Coach is about $150.00 an hour.  An Executive Life Coach charges an average of $250.00 – $500.00 an hour.  New coaches typically start at a lower hourly fee while they build their confidence, skills, and experience in their Life Coaching career.

Fees are also determined by each person’s comfort level.  Some coaches hold a limiting belief that people cannot afford coaching or will pay a high fee.  As such, they charge a lower fee.

Who, might you ask, can charge $1,000.00 an hour?  I am sure you would want to aspire to that level.  These are the “Tony Robbins” of the world who have, over the years, built a name and reputation for themselves.

What do you and Tony have in common?  If you are willing to work hard, then you know that the sky is the limit.

Coaches also earn an income by offering packages that include email support, accountability support, or a quick chat during the week.  Some packages have 3 or 4 sessions a month.  Packages, again, will vary but commonly start at $500.00 per month.

Life Coach Group Training and Programs

Group workshops and programs are another way coaches earn additional income.  I had a group of 20 people, each paying $399.00 a person, so I made $8,000.00 in one night.  You can coach people in a group, so groups or workshops can be a good use of your time and effort.

Some coaches develop signature programs to market their niche or recruit clients.  These may be in the form live workshops, online meet-ups, 30 day challenges, or social media support group pages.  Themes that are popular in these programs are love/relationship, health/diet/nutrition, spirituality, law-of-attraction and career success.

You can develop products that make money while you sleep.  Many people develop notebooks, DVDs, home-study courses, books, and e-books for additional income.

If you decide to effectively make your living as a coach, you will need to:

  • Obtain certification and ICF accreditation requirements
  • Use effective methods to market yourself
  • Be willing to put in the hard work
  • Obtain feedback on your marketing strategy and approach

If you have interest in starting a business as a life coach, be sure to conduct your own self-search by tapping into your abilities and talents, exploring your passion for this profession, and taking action in your commitment to launching and maintaining a thriving practice.

To speak with a program expert, please call 858.484.3400 or to learn more about Life Purpose Institute, please visit us at

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